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Hello dear viewer of my site.  

Let me start with a clarification:

Photography is generally associated with the pursuit of perfection. Pose. Smile. Slick pictures. In other words; Outcome focused. right?

Wrong. Not for me.

A photo is a tribute, not an invitation to judgement. An experience, not a performance. From my perspective, that's what makes photography so powerful, so pure, so magical and unique.

You don't have to try to be something, dear you.  

Not in front of the camera, not for me, not for social media, not for anyone. ​

You are already good.

I do my work with this approach. From relaxation.

The funny thing is, when you stop doing something  try to be and just  you , the most beautiful things are created.

You can admire that beauty below. I have divided my work into four themes that are close to my heart. The invitation to see & feel (instead of reacting mentally) stands.

And as you watch, ask yourself; are these pictures I wish to have of myself or of/with a loved one?

Behold the Magic here

The True Woman in you

''The goddess has a thousand different faces''

What is your true face? Can I see her?


Think of:

nature / nakedness / goddess / dresses / boudoir / lingerie / body or face paint / menstruation / jewelry / flowers / candles / veils / symbolism / expression / sacred

Infinite Feminine-139.jpg

Love to make

When push comes to shove, don't we all live for love? And for the life of that love?


Think of:

romance / sexuality / intimacy / sensuality / self love / masturbation / kink / tantra / lingerie / boudoir / yoni-pussy-vulva / queer / massage / candlelight / bath / shower / nature

* ethically & holistically responsible *

Life Cycle

The beginning and the end of a life set the tone of our human existence. How magical?!


Think of:

childbirth / pregnancy / miscarriage / farewell / ritual / last phase of life / a new beginning / operation / (birthday) celebration / wedding

Best of Pleun Perspective-75.JPG

Retreats & events

Dive into a whole new world with a group

people? count me in!


Think of:

yoga / meditation / spirituality / creativity / breathwork /  women's circles / Wim Hof expedition / vision quest / mindfulness / therapy / sport / detox / beautiful locations 

About me


Pleun van Vugt

I'm here to capture the moments that touch us deep in our hearts.

The highs and the lows.  

I am personally familiar with both highs and lows. I now see the beauty in both. 

Does that mean it's easy for me to navigate the range of human emotions & experiences? Oh no. 

Every day is in a sense a quest. 

Whether I see this as a tiring journey or a wonderful adventure is up to me.

A matter of perspective ;)

In addition to photography, which I have been doing for almost a decade now, I study neuropsychology part-time. In addition, I am learning to play the ukulele and making self-care my absolute priority.

The compliment I receive most often;

"I feel seen."

And Seeing people, that's what I love to do.


Pleun Perspective

Gorgeous Danique -15.JPG

Contact  |  Phone: +31 6 16051212

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